August was a whirlwind

A month long whirlwind that included: organising, creating, launching an art fair, turning the house upside down, creating some more, painting walls, re-carpeting, dog walks, a couple more art fairs, poster designing, logo and business card completion, putting the house back together and a little more creating.

I also caught the first cold I’ve had in a year – perfect timing.

So that’s why you haven’t heard a lot from me recently.

I didn’t expect August to be that busy so I wasn’t really prepared. Pinnacle Arts fair was a sudden and brilliant opportunity, the sort of artists co-operative venture that sings to my creative soul. If all goes well Pinnacle will turn into something truly special.

We’ve also been re-decorating our lovely victorian house, which involved renewing two carpets and nearly a week just painting the hallway. During which chocolate monster tried her very best to blend in with other spaniels by painting her ears, sides and tail with emulsion.

I now attend an arts & craft fair Every Weekend – Treasure and the Compass Artisan Fair I’ve been doing for a few months now. Both are held at local pubs. I now also go to Pinnacle Arts Fair at Sutton Harbour, which is on the 2nd and 4th weekend each month. Additionally I help organise all three of these local events.

Plus through all the above I’ve been busy creating – everything from origami earrings and button necklaces to knot weaving coasters and hand twisting fabric yarn. I think at one point I spent the best part of three days filling a jar with floral paper hearts.

It really has been a whirlwind month, hopefully during future whirlwinds I’ll be better at informing you as I go rather than during the aftermath.

Here’s a few creative snaps I took along the way:

(click to enlarge and find out more)

I hope you had a good August, I’ll try to keep you updated with my September adventures more frequently!

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