Fresh Start – Sharing my Creative Life

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Below will be a bunch of open, honest words from me. This post is going to be a lot deeper and more personal than any of my previous posts, its going to be long and probably rambling, I hope we can handle that.

So its March 2015, already… I’ve been planning on writing a blog post (a fresh start to the year) for two whole months. I can’t say it’s the start to the year I had planned – January was a burnt out blur and February disappeared in a cloud of creative drive and planning.

My last post was in August (so long ago!!) and it’s been even more of a whirlwind (tornado or extreme weather of your choice) since then.

You may or may not be aware that I started my creative business officially back in July 2014. Now if you were a reader of my blog you may have noticed I had plenty of presence back then. I was here at this keyboard often with snaps and ideas, not as many as were in my head but I at least showed up regularly. 

Things changed pretty quickly around August (as I mentioned in my August was a whirlwind post) I got really busy with events and fairs, putting my creative offerings out there and working with other creatives became an intense part of my life, plus I was creating more than ever before too (I still have scores of ideas and plans for the future too but that’s a ramble for another day).

Trouble is in all that wonder of new opportunity and creative outpouring I couldn’t find balance, time slipped away from me. I let all my online presence slide…faded and abandoned before I’d really got started. So I didn’t share here, or in my gallery or social media the full joy and whirlwind that my creative life has become.

I’m going to be honest here, I feel really guilty about that. It may sound silly but I kept promising myself I’d post more, share more and update my gallery…and, and. But I didn’t. Every time I missed my self imposed deadline or broke that promise to myself and you I felt guilty. More and more guilt lead to more failure (see a cycle forming here – I do) which in turn made it harder to just turn up here in front of the screen and share.

Share all the little things and successes and most of all share my creations.

So, something has got to give.

New plan:

To be present, sharing both here and there (social media) often. But, importantly, WHEN I can. I’m going to try and be as authentic as I can, just showing up and sharing – whether that’s as rambling as this post or a bunch of creative snapshots I’ll be here. 

No more deadlines – eg weekly studio snapshot Sunday – simply because, clearly, I cannot sustain that style of posting. I will still share behind the scenes and in progress creative endeavours, also finished pieces and adventures not directly linked to my practice (chocolate monster may feature). I’ll also try to share when exciting events and projects happen, hopefully before and during too!

I guess to sum all these words up, I want you to know that I think sharing my creative life with you is important. I want to share authentically and not quite so sporadically. But I’m also striving for balance and learning how pressuring myself the way I have been (read beating myself up about stuff) is not the way to achieve that balance.

Thank you for reading this.

Here’s hoping there will be another post for you here soon.

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