Flower Brooches – The Process

I figure now would be a good time to share with you the process I go through when making my Knot woven Flower Brooches.

It’s quite an involved process, with plenty of knot weaving and hand-stitching. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m allergic to quick, non-labour intensive practices. I seem naturally drawn to the longer complicated ideas, like a moth to flame but instead of getting burned I get wrist ache!

Rather than bombard you with photographs of each minute difference, here are a few shots from the various stages:


First I cut out various leaf shapes. I love to use everyday materials in my creations so these leaves are made from fabric designed for use in roller blinds, it is treated with stiffener so makes lovely durable leaves. I soften the edges of the leaves (trust me that would be a boring photo) before hand embroidering leafy details.

Next I Knot Weave the flowers using strips of fabric – all kinds including some raw looking silk. Once I have a bloom ready I spend a little time choosing a leaf that suits.

Then it all comes together when I pick buttons from my collection. Many of the buttons I use for these flowers are extra special, not just vintage, because they are inherited from my grandmother.

choosing buttons

Once I’m happy with the look of the flower I sew¬†everything together and hand stitch a brooch finding to the back. I create a little self-contained tab for each brooch bar so its all neat looking. I’m a little ashamed to admit I was a bit (very) proud of myself the day I came up with that enclosure design in matching leaf fabric…

brooch back

Here’s a few examples of finished Flower Brooches

They have become one of my favourite items to create, especially because it¬†combines my favoured technique of knot weaving with hand embroidery. Plus I get to share my extra special buttons in a process that uses everyday materials. Creating something to be pinned anywhere you like. I’m a sucker for brooches at the moment but I also adorn other things like curtains with these flowers, as my mother would say “the possibilities are endless”

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