Why Everyday Wonders?

I look at the world around me with awe, our extra-ordinary world is there to be appreciated, that is the central focus of my practice: to look at the everyday with wonder. 

My practice is best described as eclectic, whilst I utilise many processes nearly everything I create relates to the everyday in some way.  I revel in the ordinary, celebrating the beauty of objects often perceived as boring.  I have an affinity for labour intensive or time-consuming processes.  An avid experimenter, finding new techniques and materials fills me with joy.  Recycling also plays a key role in my practice.  I see abandoned, lost or unwanted items as potential wonders.
With my diverse practice I hope to inspire people to view everyday encounters with child-like curiosity, admiration and wonder.  To gaze with awe and appreciate that the world and all its occupants are full of wonder. 

A little about me:

 I live in Plymouth, Devon adventuring with my Cocker Spaniel Amba (a.k.a chocolate monster). I have a BA(hons) 1st class in Fine Art Practices.