Hand Twisted Recycled Fabrics

Made using strips of leftover fabric, hand twisted using a traditional rope making method that involves no tools just the artisan’s hands.

The result is a fairly bulky but unique yarn that can be knitted, crocheted, woven, coiled or used in all sorts of creative ways. Additionally hand-twisted fabric can be used as a rope for decorative/functional purposes.


Hand Twisted Recycled paper

Made using strips of recycled papers such as newspaper, catalog, magazine pages or phonebooks. Hand-twisted using a traditional cord making method, a time intensive process that requires no additional tools or tensioning devices.

Suitable for a variety of creative projects, though delicate in its own way paper twine is surprisingly strong and supple – provided it does not get wet. For structural projects such as the Knot Woven bowls I produce with paper twine I recommend sealing the finished item for stability (PVA, waterproof varnishes or Shellac are good options).

Additional applications include using paper twine as an alternative to gift wrap ribbons or even as biodegradable garden twine.

Hand Twisted Coloured Crepe

Made using various crepe papers and the same Hand-Twisting method as the yarns/twines featured above. The resulting paper twine is vibrant in colour but delicate in nature. Crepe paper is Non-colourfast so it is best to avoid getting the twine wet. Ideal for a variety of decorative applications, especially gift wrapping and garland making.